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West New York Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez. (Photo: Nikita Biryukov for the New Jersey Globe).

Rodriguez not disheartened by rain

Roque said low turnout worked in his favor earlier Tuesday

By Nikita Biryukov, May 14 2019 3:09 pm

West New York Commissioner Gabriel Rodriguez didn’t see Tuesday’s rainy weather as a hurdle.

The mayoral candidate took a short break from campaigning at polling places in the town to cast his ballot in the mid-afternoon, just as the day’s rains swelled.

“I feel great, despite the weather,” Rodriguez said outside West New York’s Albio Sires Elementary School. “We’ve had a very good reception from the community, like we’ve had throughout the campaign. Obviously, today’s the most important day of our campaign, so we’re just looking to bring it home now.”

With the backing of county Democrats, Rodriguez and two fellow commissioners, Margarita Guzman and Cosmo Cirillo are running against incumbent Mayor Felix Roque and his slate of candidates.

Commissioner Sue Colacurcio is running alongside Roque. She is the only incumbent commissioner to do so.

Earlier Tuesday, Roque said that, while he wanted everyone to vote, he believed turnout depressed by rainy weather and the day’s chill would benefit him.

Rodriguez disagreed.

I don’t know what kind of game they ran. I don’t know what kind of reception they got from the community, but based off of what we got from ours, I don’t see how that’s possible,” the commissioner said. “We’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from the community and we’re hoping that’s reflected today at eight o’clock.”

Rodriguez said he plans to return to the polling places around West New York until

“I’ll be campaigning back at the middle school, which is one of the other bigger voting blocs in the community, just making sure that people remember that today’s election day and vote column A,” Rodriguez said.

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