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Donald Dinsmore

NRA says they didn’t endorse anyone in Morris GOP freeholder primary

Slate challenger incumbents uses NRA logo on campaign mailer

By David Wildstein, May 14 2019 3:21 pm

The latest stink in the Republican primary for Morris County freeholder is over the unauthorized use of the National Rifle Association logo on a campaign mailer for candidates Donald Dinsmore, William Felegi and Catherine Winterfield – something that gives the false impression the three challengers have the backing of the powerful gun rights group.

The NRA isn’t taking sides in the race, one of their board members told the New Jersey Globe.

“NRA-ILA has not made any endorsement in the Morris County, NJ freeholder race, nor has the use of the NRA name and logo been authorized for any candidate in that race,” said Scott Bach, an NRA board member and the executive director of the Association of NJ Rifle & Pistol Clubs.

Dinsmore defended the use of the logo in his campaign materials.

“We’re all proud NRA members,” he said of himself and his two running mates.

The campaign mailer does not mention gun issues.

Freeholder Thomas Mastrangelo, who is seeking re-election to a third term, doesn’t think it’s acceptable for Dinsmore to mislead Republican primary voters into thinking the NRA has a preference in this race.

“He didn’t receive an endorsement,” Mastrangelo said.  “It’s deception.”

Mastrangelo says he and his two running mates, incumbents Douglas Cabana and Kathy DeFilippo, are also NRA members.

Republicans have been complaining about Dinsmore’s tactics for months.

In January, four local officeholders pushed back on a Dinsmore press release listing them as endorsers, saying they supported Cabana, Mastrangelo and DeFilippo.

Carlos Rendo, the 2017 GOP candidate for Lt. Governor, said Dinsmore duped him into endorsing him.

“Dinsmore called me and asked if I would endorse him. He told me he warunning for an open Freeholder seat in Morris County,” said Rendo, the mayor of Woodcliff Lake.  “After finding out this was not the truth and knowing this is a primary against a very strong incumbent team, I decided to withdraw my endorsement and stand with Doug, Tom and Kathy for Republican party unity.”

Cabana, Mastrangelo and DeFilippo called on the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission to investigate a $42,000 payment Dinsmore made to a Wyoming consulting firm they say doesn’t exist.

A mailer for Morris County freeholder candidates Donald Dinsmore, William Felegi and Catherine Winterfield uses the logo of the National Rifle
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2 thoughts on “NRA says they didn’t endorse anyone in Morris GOP freeholder primary

  1. This guy must think people are stupid. Deception from the beginning with this fraud. Just another rich guy from Harding who thinks he can trick and deceive voters. Won’t work. The other two running with him should disavow his deception and show voters they won’t put up with it.

    1. You really think the other two are any different? “Birds of a feather….”
      Winterfeld has just as much if not more deception with the Condo HOA Board she sits on (The Glens in Pompton Plains) ; where she, along with all the other Board members, assigned each other their positions, avoiding elections and direct violations of New Jersey’s Radburn Law.
      It is a breath of fresh air seeing the media making the public aware of these actions as no one ever wants to step up and prosecute them for these unethical acts.

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