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Rockaway Township business administrator quits

By David Wildstein, April 12 2018 1:18 pm

Adam Brewer is leaving his job as  business administrator of Rockaway Township after less than a year to become township manager of Pequannock.

The Pequannock council voted to hire Brewer on  Tuesday night.

News of Brewer’s resignation began to surface on social media last night.

Some councilmembers complained today that Mayor Michael Dachisen did not inform them of Brewer’s resignation, and that Brewer said nothing about his pending departure at a council meeting this week, even though he had already accepted the new job.

Dachieson, a Republican, said today in an e-mail that “Mr. Brewer stated he loved working here, admired our fantastic staff but circumstances have made him have to make this critical decision.”

Council President Jeremy Jedynak, also a Republican but a Dachisen foe, said that Brewer is the second business administrator to leave since Dachieson became mayor.

“The previous Business Administrator departed under the previous Council. Since then, five Council Members were replaced by the voters, and the current Council began in January,” Jedynak said.

He says councilmembers are not permitted to interact with employees of the administration without a scheduled appointment, by order of the mayor.

“The constant here is Mayor Dachisen. That Mayor Dachisen can’t keep a Business Administrator raises concerns about the Mayor’s operation of the administration,” said Jedynak.  “This departure, like the one last year, is reflective of the environment created by Mayor Dachisen within his own administration.”

Dachieson defended his handling of announcing Brewer’s departure.

“In due course, I would obviously notify the Township Council in an appropriate fashion; one that does not include the dissemination of press release, seeking to make a personnel issue into a political one,” Dachieson said.  “The administration will begin the process of finding a new Business Administrator immediately. Mr. Brewer will be with us until May 31, 2018 and will be assisting me with this process.”


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