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Assemblyman Tim Eustace

Eustace’s consolation prize: Caliguire’s $174k job

By David Wildstein, April 12 2018 1:05 pm

Assemblyman Tim Eustace (D-Maywood)  says he’s headed to the North Jersey Water Commission, according to a report on Observer New Jersey.  That’s his consolation prize for losing what may be the shortest State Senate race since 1991, when attorney Chris Christie filed petitions to challenge Senate Minority Leader John Dorsey in the GOP primary — only to find that he didn’t file enough signatures.

It appears that Eustace will take the $174,000-a-year job of executive director from another Bergen County politician, Republican Todd Caliguire.  Caliguire is a former freeholder and a perennial candidate who has lost races for State Senator (against Matty Feldman in 1991), for the Republican nomination for governor (he finished 7th out of 7 with 2.45% of the statewide vote, for Bergen County Executive Executive (he beat Kathleen Donovan in the 2006 primary and then lost the general to incumbent Dennis McNerney), and for the Republican nomination for State Senator (Kevin O’Toole beat him by 13 points).

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