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Jeremy Jedynak

Rockaway clerk ends recall attempt

By Nikita Biryukov, September 12 2018 5:33 pm

The Rockaway Township municipal clerk on Wednesday waylaid an effort by area Democrats to recall acting Mayor Jeremy Jedynak.

The notice put out by Rockaway Clerk Christina Clipperton said that the recall notice submitted by Catherine Dachisen, Michael Antonelli and Lisa Salberg was invalid because it asked to schedule the vote to recall Jedynak on Nov. 6, the date of the general election, or on an unspecified date thereafter on which a special election would take place.

The clerk said the ambiguity of the request for the latter date was impermissible, as the committee must request a specific special election date.

The vote could not take place on Nov. 6, the clerk said, because the recall notice was not certified at least 60 days in advance of the general election, as required by law. The recall notice was dated Aug. 24.

Should Democrats wish to continue their effort to recall Jedynak, they may amend and resubmit the notice, at which point it will be certified, assuming it complies with relevant election laws.

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4 thoughts on “Rockaway clerk ends recall attempt

  1. I don’t know this Jedynak guy, but after reading a few articles I know if I lived in Rockaway Township I’d be for him. Conservatives in New Jersey have always supported funding priorities while keeping a lid on taxes and spending while increasing transparency at the town level. It seems that is exactly what this guy is trying to do, good for him! They recalled Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin who also cut taxes and controlled spending and he ended up winning the special election with 53% of the vote in 2012.

  2. This is a bipartisan recall effort and most participants are registered Republicans. The ACTING Township Clerk previously approved the petition via email. Her written denial was time barred as it was not issued within the three business days allowed by statute. The recall effort continues.

    1. This article is misleading. I live in Rockaway. This recall is not being spearheaded by Democrats, as the article suggests. It is a bipartisan recall effort. Rockaway is mainly Republican, as the town council reflects. It has been Republicans like the deceased Mayor who have been feuding with Jeremy Jedynak.

      As far as keeping taxes down, that isn’t true. Rockaway property taxes went up 3 to 4% the past two years. Jedynak hasn’t done squat in that department, despite all the building going on that is broadening the tax base in the township.

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