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Peter Franco, a Bayonne City Council candidate, was convicted of having sex with a child by a U.S. Army court martial in 2008

Report: Bayonne council candidate was convicted of having sex with child and tossed from Army

Peter Franco found guilty by Army court martial, given bad conduct discharge in 2008, Hudson County View reports

By David Wildstein, September 18 2019 4:24 pm

A Bayonne City Council candidate was convicted at a U.S. Army court martial in 2008 for having sex with a child, according to a report in the Hudson County View.

Peter Franco, then age 24, was found guilty having sex with a child over age 12 but under age 16. The contact was “by force and without consent,” according to the Hudson County View.

After a court martial, Franco was convicted of one of the three charges against him and was sentenced to a reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay, and three years in confinement, the Hudson County View story said.  He was given a bad conduct discharge.

Franco faces incumbent Neil Carroll III, who was appointed earlier this year after Tom Cotter resigned to become Bayonne’s Public Works Director.

The winner will serve the remaining 32 months of Cotter’s term.

Franco has been a constant critic of Mayor Jimmy Davis, who supports Carroll, 28, the grandson of legendary former Hudson County Freeholder Neil Carroll and an aide to Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti.

He also faces John Cupo and Paul Hagdorn.

Franco did not immediately respond to a 4:09 PM request for comment.  He also did not respond to the Hudson County View’s request or comment.

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7 thoughts on “Report: Bayonne council candidate was convicted of having sex with child and tossed from Army

  1. Thank you for getting this information to the public. A person with this lack of conscience & character should NOT be a representative for the great town of Bayonne!

    1. This guy is a convicted criminal. He is a piece of garbage. He has no shame in what he did. He is trying to justify what he did with that long winded response to what he did when he was in the military.

  2. Who wrote this article? No name, how were the “facts” found? Not trying to take anyone’s side, but this article could ruin his life….

  3. Yep great reporting. Franco bad man. Good bye. Owner of this online rag? David wildstein, worse. What favor are you paying off in the State House for this a criminal writing about a criminal. And people always want to believe the worst. But there’s different degrees of breaking the law right? How about some real newspaper reporting here, how about writing the story behind the story? Or could you do that? Somebody needs to connect the dots here for Pete’s sake. How worried they are in Bayonne about their sweetheart Neil getting into what was a vacancy. “hey, Tommy C., we know you are only six months into your term but we need you to get up out of your seat and give it to Neil so he’ll be recognized by the time election rolls around he’ll be a good look for us on our ballot.. no one cares he’s wet behind the ears, with zilch political experience, we need to honor those family ties and have a recognizable name.” Yeah thanks Tommy after that we’ll give you another big title with a bigger paycheck. and we are going to do whatever and we mean whatever is necessary to knock all other candidates who may be a threat out of the box. Even though we know information for years and don’t reveal it, we hold it until it is gold in our hands. But what else is New in New Jersey? “‘Once branded a pariah of New Jersey politics – indeed, an example of all that is dirty and bizarre with the state’s politics – Wildstein now has official press credentials. He strolls through the State House. He shows up for press conferences and asks questions” . Even U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, the Paramus Democrat, sang “Happy Birthday” to Wildstein, 57, after a recent press conference.

  4. What happened to Megans law
    He must register as a sex offender
    Federal law requires that all sex crimes against children must notify local law enforcement In the town they live in

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