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Davis gets pro-union plan passed by Bayonne Council

By David Wildstein, February 15 2018 9:41 am

This is a big deal for Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis: his law requiring that 20% of workers hired at large construction sites be members of local Bayonne and Hudson County-based labor unions passed the city council unanimously last night.

Davis’s plan ensure that Bayonne residents can share in the prosperity that comes with $2.5 billion in new real estate development underway in the city.   The project labor agreement ordinance requires developments valued at more than $15 million who receive city tax incentives to employ union labor.

Politically, this is gold for Davis, who is seeking re-election to a second term in the May non-partisan election.  He gets to claim credit for creating jobs, and for the fruits of an aggressive four-year plan to increase Bayonne’s revenue through economic development.   It also cements Davis’ standing with influential building trades unions.  Dozens of union members attended last night’s Council meeting in support of the PLA ordinance and to give Davis and his council allies credit.

“I’m proud to see Bayonne embrace the hardworking men and women of union labor who built our city and our country by passing one of the most sweeping and effective union labor mandates in the state,” said Davis. “Bayonne is in the middle of a complete revitalization that will mean $10 million in new tax revenue and higher property values for homeowners when it’s all said and done, and now we’ve made sure that local Bayonne workers will also be some of the primary beneficiaries of our city’s renaissance.”

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