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(Photo: Rahway Board of Education).

Rahway special school election to spend $37.7 million too close to call

Voters reject two additional spending proposals

By David Wildstein, September 28 2021 9:49 pm

A special school referendum in Rahway on Tuesday to spend about $37.7 million on infrastructure improvements at all six public schools is too close to call, but voters appear to have rejected two other spending plans by narrow margins.

The $37.7 million plan, which includes safety and security upgrades, leads by just 9 votes, 582 to 573, 50.4%-49.6%.

A proposal to spend an additional $39.4 million for capital improvements to the schools is losing by 69 votes, with 609 no votes and 540 yes votes, a 53%-47% margin.

A third public question to spend $6 million on mechanical improvements to elementary schools

Just 5.7% of the city’s 20,236 registered voters have cast ballots in the special school election also looks to have been voted down, 545 to 602 by a margin of about five percentage points.

Neither of the two additional proposals would have passed had the first plan been rejected.

Final tallies won’t be available until any vote-by-mail ballots postmarked by 8 PM this evening are received by election officials.

State law requires voter approval to exceed budget cap amounts.

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