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Statements on the Gubernatorial Debate

By David Wildstein, September 28 2021 8:28 pm


“Tonight Jack Ciattarelli proved beyond a doubt that he is best suited to lead our state forward with common-sense, authenticity, and a clear vision for how to bring tax relief and good-paying jobs back to New Jersey. Jack’s a born and bred Jersey guy who has raised a family, started a business and created jobs here, which will prove to be a welcome break from Phil Murphy, a radically out-of-touch Goldman Sachs socialist. Not only did Phil Murphy fail to take ownership of the scandals of serial harassment and mistreatment of female staffers that occurred under his watch, he also failed to take ownership of his overreaching, big-government agenda which has led to one of the worst unemployment rates in the nation, record-high taxes, and nearly 10,000 dead seniors and veterans due to his reckless decision to house COVID-patients with healthy nursing home residents. One thing was made abundantly clear tonight – the polls in this race are statistically tied because Jack Ciattarelli is the ideal leader for New jersey who is best suited to fix our state and finally get us moving in the right direction.”


“Governor Murphy made all New Jersey Democrats proud tonight by doing what he’s done since day one  — standing up for New Jersey values, fighting for working- and middle-class families and refusing to allow the Trump-style extremism that Jack Ciattarelli represents take hold in our state. While Assemblyman Ciattarelli continues to embrace Trumpism, takes extreme policy positions that are far out of step with New Jersey and engages in baseless personal attacks, Governor Murphy is doing the work needed to move our state forward. The contrast between Governor Murphy and Assemblyman Ciattarelli could not be more clear, and now it’s time for Democrats and all New Jerseyans to stand together and make sure we win this election and have our Governor’s back, just like he has ours.”


“Governor Murphy demonstrated tonight that he is the only candidate in this race with the vision and values to keep New Jersey moving forward. This election is a choice between building a stronger, fairer state or embracing an extreme agenda that rolls back the right to choose, underfunds public schools, and makes health care less affordable. It’s the difference between an economy that works for everyone, or only the wealthy and well-connected. Assemblyman Ciattarelli has repeatedly pushed Trump’s lies, stood with the far-right, and prioritized politics over science. He is out-of-step with New Jersey and that was on full display again tonight. Voters know better, and they will reject the Assemblyman’s extremism by re-electing Governor Murphy in November.”


“Gov. Phil Murphy dominated in tonight’s debate. The governor made an undeniably strong case for his re-election, citing his leadership throughout the pandemic and his record of fighting for New Jersey families. Jack Ciattarelli walked away as the clear loser tonight. While Gov. Murphy delivered solutions for keeping New Jersey safe throughout the pandemic, strengthening New Jersey’s economy, and improving access to affordable healthcare, Ciattarelli repeated the same extremist lies and unpopular policies that have put him behind in this race since the start. If Ciattarelli hoped for a chance to claw his way back into the race, he failed. New Jersey needs a leader who will work to end this pandemic, not prolong it, and put the priorities of New Jersey families first. Tonight, and throughout his entire first term, Gov. Murphy has proved he’s the right choice to bring New Jersey back even stronger.”


“Governor Murphy’s commitment to ending gun violence is crystal clear. During the Governor’s first term, we’ve worked collaboratively to enact some of the nation’s strongest gun laws — from strengthening background checks, to putting in place a robust extreme risk protection order, to banning large – capacity magazines. On the other hand, Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli wants to roll back New Jersey’s nation-leading gun violence prevention laws and make our communities less safe. That isn’t leadership. It’s being in the pocket of the gun lobby. It is clear that Jack Ciattarelli isn’t driven by good public policy that keeps our families safe. He’s an extremist who has aligned himself with Trump’s right-wing base. New Jersey can’t go back to this failed way of thinking.


“What we saw from Governor Murphy’s leadership the last four years was exemplified by his debate performance this evening. Democratic leadership has given New Jerseyans a lot to be proud of and Governor Murphy has the best case for defending working families, protecting our environment, and supporting labor across the state over the next four years.  Ciattarelli wants to bring back the kinds of failed economic policies that have decimated working families. These policies irreparably harm organized labor in New Jersey and directly threaten the level playing field Democrats have fought hard to build. We call on Union County and beyond to join us in supporting Governor Murphy for re-election on November 2nd.”


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