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Elda Pinchinat, a pro-Trump Democratic county committeewoman from Jersey City, at CPAC in March 2019

Pro-Trump Jersey City Democrat spends weekend at CPAC

By David Wildstein, March 05 2019 6:37 pm

Jersey City Democrats have a big tent.

Elda Pinchinat, a Democratic county committeewoman and mayor Steven Fulop’s appointee to the Jersey City Rent Leveling Board, is also a staunch Donald Trump supporter who spent the weekend in Washington at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“This is my 7th CPAC,” Pinchinat wrote on her Facebook page.  “Things that I do and keep quiet!”

Her Facebook page features her video of Trump’s CPAC speech, a photo of her at the event – and a shiny rhinestone pin of an American Flag with Trump’s name.

Pinchinat represents Ward B, District 18 on the county committee.

She’s up for re-election in June.

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2 thoughts on “Pro-Trump Jersey City Democrat spends weekend at CPAC

  1. This post is unkind and not newsworthy. Leave the woman alone and focus on what officials with spending authority are getting up to.

  2. This article is ridiculous, I know Elda well she is a strong powerful Democrat that’s not afraid to approach any party member on any level to rid the disparities that plague our country. She is often found in DC at the Haitian Embassy addressing the disparities in immigration — trust Trump got an ear full. Journalist should consider research over slander.

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