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Councilman Helmin Caba, the Perth Amboy Democratic Municipal Chairman

Perth Amboy Dem chair bashes Diaz

Caba challenges mayor to take a polygraph

By David Wildstein, September 28 2018 7:25 pm

Perth Amboy Councilman Helmin Caba, who heads the local Democratic organization, blasted Mayor Wilda Diaz and her sister for their attacks on Council President William Petrick.

“Mayor Wilda Diaz, this is real news, and I am willing to take a polygraph test and start an investigation to prove it.” Caba said.  “What about you?”

Diaz has attacked Petrick for posts he made on social media.

The statement, which started with a biblical passage – “then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” – says that he now regrets his decision to run on Diaz’s ticket two years ago

“Anyone who knows me can vouch for my character.” Caba said.  “I believe that it is necessary to tell the entire truth and bring to light what is going on in Perth Amboy.”

Caba accused one of Diaz’s sisters, Nancy Soto Diaz, of targeting him, as well as other local elected officials who have grown sour with the mayor.

“I do not in any way condone Mr. Petrick’s reposting on social media,” Caba explained. “That said, Mayor’s Diaz and her sister’s timing to come out and express their outrage is definitely political and disingenuous at best.”

According to Caba, Diaz was retaliating against Petrick for his endorsement of Councilman Joel Pabon in the 2016 mayoral election.

“In the summer of 2016, at the campaign headquarters there was talk among the mayor’s campaign staff members regarding some of Councilman Petrick’s Facebook postings.  In the fall of 2016, again at the campaign headquarters there were more conversations among the campaign staff regarding Mr. Petrick’s Facebook posting,” Caba said.  “A decision was made by them to save it to use against him at a later date. On Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.  We — Mayor Diaz, Councilman Fernando Irizarry and I — won the election.”

Caba said that a month after the election, Diaz and her staff pushed Irizarry and him to vote for Petrick as council president.  He said Diaz was the one to corral Petrick’s votes.

The councilman also said that Diaz got Petrick to agree to back her candidates for the local school board last summer, and to attend a fundraiser for Diaz last December.

“During the winter of 2018, Council President Petrick had a falling out with Mayor Diaz due to several disagreements on the direction of Perth Amboy,” Caba said. “In addition, during the summer Council President Petrick decided to run for re-election with Councilman Joel Pabon and board of education member Milady Tejeda.”

That’s when things got rough.

“Soon afterward, Mayor Diaz’s sister Nancy posted that someone ‘just’ sent her disturbing snapshots of Mr. Petrick’s old Facebook postings. Mayor Diaz followed up by writing a press release questioning Council President Petrick’s ability to serve Perth Amboy due to the supposedly ‘new revelation’ of his old Facebook postings,” said Caba.  “Since then the mayor, her sister and their political operatives have disingenuously called out state, county and city elected officials telling us to ask for Mr. Petrick’s resignation.”

Caba maintains that “these sorts of deceitful and calculated tactics are some of the reasons why at least 13 councilmen and councilwomen from the last 12 years don’t agree with Mayor Diaz’s leadership and direction for Perth Amboy.”

“We understand firsthand that the person she portrays in public is not the same person behind closed doors. Keep in mind that all of us are or were elected officials who supported you in the past and five that even ran on your ticket,” Caba said. “We come from different backgrounds and are of different ages, sex, race, color, religion and ethnic background.  This speaks volume on how difficult it is working with Mayor Diaz. We as elected officials and all Perth Amboy residents deserve better.

Caba called on Diaz to end the distractions and concentrate on issues facing the city.

“Several people working for Mayor Diaz know all this to be true. They speak to me regularly, but are afraid of retribution,” said Caba. “What is important for the community to know is that Mayor Diaz, some of her family members and staff knew about Council President Petrick’s Facebook reposting’s back in 2016.  However, since then they have sought his support, endorsement, and made him Council President, so why the outrage now and not back in 2016 or 2017?  This speaks volume on the shadiness of Mayor Wilda Diaz, her sister Nancy and their inner circle.”

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13 thoughts on “Perth Amboy Dem chair bashes Diaz

  1. So this guy knew about the terrible posting of his fellow Council mate back in 2016 and did nothing about it? It sounds to me he is trying to blame someone else for his own failings. Would it be his moral responsibility to call on his fellow MALE running mate to repudiate his offensive postings? Or he didn’t found them offensive? He sounds like Kavanaugh, blaming the FEMALE Mayor, for attacking his friend Petrick. Grow some spine Councilman Caba and condone your fellow running mate for his offensive post against women. Or do you support Democratic public officials disrespecting women in NJ? We women are tired of your disregard for our voices and our bodies. Take responsability for your lack of leadership on this as well. Or do you agree with his misoginy?

    1. Are you Diaz sister. Did you read the post or were you at the meeting were all this was said. It does not sound like you read or were at the meeting

  2. This guy sounds like a real jerk. Instead of asking a member of his Democratic Municipal Committee to accept the consequences of his lack of judgement in posting offensive attacks against women in social media, he is bashing a woman Mayor for exposing him. He sounds just like Kavanaugh crying because Dr. Ford dared to expose him. Sounds to me like a Democrat protecting another Democrat. Would it be any different if the Council President was a Republican? I am sure he would be asking him to step down for being a racist and a chauvinist. This is the hypocrisy Democrats suffer from…they do not want to hold their OWN elected officials accountable. I haven’t heard the Governor go after him like he did in the Sheriff’s case in Bergen. Maybe if the Mayor wasn’t a Latina more Democrats would be paying attention to it. I say good for the women of this city to stand up to bullies. We saw enough of them yesterday at the Kavanaugh hearing.

  3. I recently drove through Perth Amboy for the first time in several years… The town looks disgusting. There is trash all over the place. I lived in Amboy through the Vas years, and although I did not support him, and was thrilled when his rein was over…. he was so much better for the city. Perth Amboy was clean, and people were proud to say “ I live in Perth Amboy..!”.
    Bring back Joe V. He has my vote.

  4. You are missing the point. The mayor KNEW about the posts in 2016. Yet between then and now she asked for and got his political support for her board of education candidates. She asked for and got his support in raising funds. She also helped him become council president, all AFTER she knew about these posts. Now, all of a sudden a few weeks before an election she finds the posts offensive? Caba was saying that her outrage is seems conveniently timed and hypocritical. It is.

  5. Fuck wilda, fuck anyone who works under her. And most definitely fuck the amboy police. All filthy dirty snakes! Fuck whoever supports them as well.

  6. This is all politics, I am tired of politics… The whole bunch of them are nothing but thieving liars! Especially Caba with his shady past in the “bodega” days! That is right I for one wont forget where you came from and your real “Morals” This is all a push to position himself for a Mayoral candidate! Don’t be fools people, open your eyes and remember his past!

  7. Politicians are all fucking crooks almost all mayors of all towns a crooks look how many mayors have gone to jail it’s all for financial gain do you really believe it’s to help the people look at the town of Perth Amboy instead of a clean decent town it’s dirty, corrupted the taxes are high as hell. Where does the money go to? Something that happen 2 years ago the mayor knew how nieve are you people of course she held it that what politicians do is use people.

  8. I’ve seen enough politics to last me two lifetimes. ….one thing is for sure, nothing lasts for ever. At some point the “people” will vote her out and the cycle will once again begin. For me it’s all about can we hold our taxes down and does our city services stay at a high level ….I want a safe, efficient city….clean would be nice but safe is paramount.

  9. The City is filthy and noisy, not at all welcoming to visitors. BID is not doing its job at all. They should propose that all shopkeepers sweep their sidewalk and gutter at opening and after lunch. The Mayor has been told again and again that the police need to give warnings, then fines to people who litter or ride around blaring music. All we need to do is follow the regulations on the books for the most part. Stores like Fink’s seem to operate out of buildings with newspaper across the windows. Clean it up people! Give reasons for outsiders to visit us. So a number of people don’t want shops or food to go in on Front st? Too bad. It’s already mixed use. Let us have placed at the waterfront for fun activities. Get the beach open! Go after the big industries to give more. So much can be done! Let’s give these gentlemen a chance. Leadership even if it means well gets stale. Give them a say in what happens in Perth Amboy instead of rubber stampers. This vote really counts!

  10. We need more politicians like Caba. Thank you for your integrity and we are praying you become our next Mayor. We are tired of Wilda’s fakeness.

  11. The one with a shady past is Awilda. We all know about her ghetto past and abuse with her drunk husband. Now she is Church hopping looking for votes? Haha, you are not fooling anyone and the truth is all coming out. We all like Mr. Caba and he is an intelligent, honest man. Oh and he is very handsome so whats not to like Lol. Mr. Caba for Mayor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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