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Tinton Falls Mayor Vito Perillo, right, with Gov. Phil Murphy. (Photo: Via Twitter)

Perillo re-elected as mayor of Tinton Falls

By Joey Fox, November 03 2021 1:34 am

The New Jersey Globe can project that Tinton Falls Mayor Vito Perillo has won re-election to a second term against three opponents, four years after he unexpectedly defeated incumbent mayor Gerald Turning.

At 97, Perillo is possibly the oldest mayor in the country – and he’d be 101 by the time his second term is over. He was born in 1924, 43 days before Calvin Coolidge was elected president, and served in World War II.

His three opponents were Councilman Brock Seibert, Michael Miles, and Ellen Golberg, the eldest of whom (Goldberg) is a spry 59.

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