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Parsippany Council President Paul Carifi Jr.

Paul Carifi Jr. defeats brother in Parsippany

dePierro, Gragnani also hold the Republican nomination

By David Wildstein, June 04 2019 10:23 pm

Parsippany Councilman Paul Carifi, Jr. is holding on to his seat, but his brother, James Carifi, won’t be joining the council.

Paul Carifi’s running mates, Councilman Michael dePierro and Councilwoman Loretta Gragnani, also won the Republican nod.

They’ll face Democratic candidates Cori A. Herbig, Robert Kaminski and Judith Hernandez in November.

The three Republican incumbents are running on what has been billed as a unity slate of incumbents who have agreed to set aside old feuds to defend their seats from an increasingly-active Democratic base.

Those feuds led to Democrats controlling the mayorship of the once the once-solidly-Republican town for 33 of the last 53 years.

They also helped elect Democratic Mayor Michael Soriano in 2017.

This year’s family feud was the first time two brother ran against each other since a 1992 special election in Jersey City saw Hudson County Freeholder Louis Manzo and Jersey City Democratic Chairman Allen Manzo pitted against one another in a field of 19 candidates.

Neither brother won in that Cain and Abel contest.

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