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Parsippany Council President Paul Carifi Jr.

Lackluster fundraising in Parsippany council race

Kaminsky the top fundraiser with $1,500 raised

By Nikita Biryukov, May 31 2019 3:49 pm

Council candidates in Parsippany are raising barely any money, according to 11-day pre-election reports filed with the Law Enforcement Election Commission.

Incumbent Councilmen Paul Carifi, Jr., and Michael dePierro reported raising zero dollars over the period. Over the cycle, they’ve brought in $32,074.14 and $48,701, respectively.

Councilwoman Loretta Gragnani Brought in $50 in the last few weeks and $39,878.73 over the cycle.

Carifi had $16,137.65 in his war chest, while dePierro had $5,912.55. Gragnani reported having $8,130.75.

Their Democratic challengers, Cori A. Herbig, Robert Kaminski and Judith Hernandez, fared a bit better, but not by all that much.

Herbig and Hernandez reported raising $300 each, bringing their respective totals to $1,300 and $800 raised. Kaminski, the town’s top fundraiser, brought in $1,500, giving her a total raised of $2,000.

Herbig had just $373.75 in his war chest. Hernandez had a slightly less-unimpressive $473.75. Kaminsky had $1,673.75 banked.

Unlike the three Republican incumbents, the Democrats are also raising money through a joint committee, which which has brought in $12,125 over the duration of the race and reported having $10,446.06 on hand.

These numbers reflect where the primary campaign spending was last week and do not include expenditures or fundraising after Memorial Day weekend.

James Carifi, the fourth Republican candidate seeking a council seat and the only one who doesn’t already hold one, filed a form saying he does not intend to spend more than $5,000 on the race.

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One thought on “Lackluster fundraising in Parsippany council race

  1. Hello –

    I am spreading the word about Rob Kaminski.
    On June 25 I am driving home with my two children in the back seat. I see two gentlemen (Kaminski and another male, heavy set, short dark hair) walking freely over my front lawn (If you need to hang things on the door at least walk on the side walk). I pull the car in front of my driveway and ask them: “Can I help you?” Kaminski walks to my driver window, leans over, places his elbows and head inside and and arrogantly says with a smirk on this face: “I am enjoying myself” and just hangs there for a few seconds now spreading his arms inside my car. At that point I screamed to step away from my car and to leave my property, moving the car backwards. They both left. As I go to my front door I see the hanger: Herbig, Kaminski, Hernandez for Council – I guess I know who NOT TO VOTE FOR.

    This man acted creepy, scared both me and my 2 daughters, and was disrespectful, disturbing, and had a very inappropriate behavior.

    As a citizen of Parsippany I DO NOT want this man near the Council!!

    Edelina Zajac

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