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Bob Quinn, left, with former Rep. Leonard Lance

Pat Walsh draws primary challenge in Somerset

Quinn joins forces with Pino in challenge to GOP organization

By David Wildstein, March 28 2019 9:55 pm

Robert Quinn will challenge four-term Somerset County freeholder Patricia Walsh in the June Republican primary.

Quinn will run on a line with Tim Pino, who is taking on organization candidate Bill Parenti in the GOP sheriff primary.

“I desire to see the Republican Party present its strongest candidates in this primary to give it the best chance to win this important County election” said Quinn, the operations director of a data center and disaster recovery firm. “Recent changes in the county have resulted in consistent losses putting Somerset County on the brink of Democrat control. Not surprisingly, this has resulted in numerous primary challenge races throughout the County. I am placing my confidence in the primary voters to chart the party on a path toward success.”

In 2017, Quinn was the Republican candidate for State Assembly in the 17th district against incumbents Joseph Egan (D-New Brunswick) and Joe Danielson (D-Franklin).

“ Robert Quinn has never been part of the county organization and in fact has run against Republicans for years,” said Somerset County GOP chairman Al Gaburo. “He has never worked to raise money nor help Republican candidates anywhere. The fact that he is running against Freeholder Walsh whom he has called in the past a ‘great candidate’ tells Republican voters all they need to know”.

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