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William Schiavella

Democrats pick Schiavella for sheriff against Gannon

By David Wildstein, March 28 2019 9:31 pm

Morris County Democrats have picked William Schiavella, a former undersheriff and Republican councilman in Rockaway Township, to challenge Republican sheriff James Gannon.

The New Jersey Globe first reported last November that Schiavella was considering switching parties to run as a Democrat. He is a political ally of Michael Puzio, the Republican mayor of Rockaway.  Both endorsed Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-Montclair) for Congress last year.

Gannon replaced Schiavella and Puzio when he succeeded Edward Rochford as sheriff last year.  Michael Saudino hired him to work for the Bergen County Sheriff’s office, but he left that job in January after Democrat Anthony Cureton took.

Puzio will seek re-election as a Republican.  Democrats have picked councilman Jonathan Sackett as their mayoral candidate.

As expected, Democrats picked attorney Michael Thompson to run for surrogate.  Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris Township), freeholder Heather Darling and others are seeking the Republican nomination.

Democrats picked three candidates for freeholder: Tara Parmigiani, David Timpanaro and Cary Amaro.

Timpanaro came within 408 votes of winning a Township Council seat in Randolph last year – a strong showing in a Republican town.

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3 thoughts on “Democrats pick Schiavella for sheriff against Gannon

  1. Schiavella’s got a political rap sheet a mile long, always trough-swilling and selling out for his next public paycheck. He is going to get tatooed like no other Dem candidate has ever gotten tatooed in Morris and will be a huge drag down on other Dems on the ballot.
    Better hold on tight Billy, cuz u r in for a wild ride.

  2. Why would it matter if he left his real name or not? Who cares?

    The fact of the matter is that Schiavella only knows how to live off of the taxpayers. He was part of the dead wood that Gannon rightly jettisoned when he took office. Besides Gannon has done a great job as Sheriff and will continue to do so. What is Billy going to run on? Not cooperating with other law enforcement agencies to assist in supporting Murphy’s sanctuary policies? Sounds like a winning strategy.

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