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William Schiavella

Morris Undersheriff who endorsed Sherrill could challenge Gannon

By David Wildstein, November 01 2018 3:12 pm

Former Morris County Undersheriff William Schiavella has endorsed Democrat Mikie Sherrill for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th district, renewing speculation that the former Republican councilman from Rockaway Township will switch parties and challenge Sheriff James Gannon in 2019.

Schiavella is a political ally of Michael Puzio, the Republican candidate for mayor in Rockaway who has also endorsed Sherrill.

Gannon replaced Schiavella and Puzio when he succeeded Edward Rochford as sheriff last year.  Michael Saudino hired him to work for the Bergen County Sheriff’s office.

“I first met Mikie Sherrill when she was a federal prosecutor and I was instantly impressed by her commitment to service and justice,” Schiavella said in a statement released by the Sherrill campaign.  “I know that she will be a fighter for New Jersey and support our police officers and law enforcement officials in the 11th District and beyond. I know that Mikie Sherrill puts the people of this community ahead of any party label, and that’s why I’m proud to endorse her bid for Congress.”

ill hold a significant voter registration edge in Morris County, Democrats have narrowed the gap in recent years.

There are 32,499 more Republicans than Democrats in Morris County, as of September 30.  That’s down from an edge of 53,885 in 2001.

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2 thoughts on “Morris Undersheriff who endorsed Sherrill could challenge Gannon

  1. Where is his track record. Put up Shiavellas resume. Gannon has broad appeal to both parties. Gannon has attacked the opioid crisis head on, with Hope One. That program is getting national recognition. RDVP for school safety, made needed changes to the operational duties of the office. Controlled spending. Let’s not forget. Schiavella was buddies with disgraced the former Bergen County sheriff. You don t think he got his job there because of his resume do you.

  2. Sheriff Gannon is helping those suffering from the disease that is addiction and being a careful steward of taxpayer dollars. The Sheriff is an honest and dedicated public servant who puts people before any political considerations. In 2016, Sheriff Gannon won more than 10,000 more votes than anyone else who was on the ballot in all 39 Morris County municipalities. Clearly, he appeals not only to Republicans, but to Democrats and Independents as well. Re-elect Gannon 2019!

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