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Justin Mussella, a Republican candidate for Parsippany Township Council. (Photo: Facebook).

Parsippany GOP candidate touts endorsement of another Republican

Former school board member backs Mussella

By David Wildstein, August 03 2021 1:51 pm

(Editor’s note: Kumburis switched his voter registration to Republican four years ago, a point that was omitted from the press release touting his endorsement of Mussella.  The New Jersey Globe apologizes for the error.)

A former Democratic council candidate in Parsippany has endorsed a Republican seeking to flip a seat in the November general election.

Nicholas Kumburis, a former school board member who ran for council six years ago, said on Tuesday that he’s supporting Justin Musella for a township council seat.

“I was fortunate enough to meet Justin in his travels across town door knocking for his preferred candidates last year, being genuinely pleased the more we talked,” Kumburis said.  “As we spoke, he listened to my concerns, answered detailed questions on policy, and fostered a dialogue on issues affecting our neighborhood.”

Musella is seeking is seeking one of two open seats in Parsippany, where the Democratic incumbents, Janice McCarthy and Emily Peterson, declined to seek second terms after a fallout with Mayor Michael Soriano.

“In our increasingly polarized political landscape, it is critical that we elect representatives that can make decisions based on the needs of our citizens, rather than candidates, who seek only to further their party’s political agenda.” Kumburis said.  “I recognized that Justin genuinely works to understand the needs and wants of our residents and will vote in our best interest.”

In the June Republican primary, Mussella turned out to be the top vote-getter after running on the Republican organization line with mayoral candidate Louis Valori.

Former Mayor Jamie Barberio defeated Valori by 184 votes to win the primary and Mussella is now running with him and Frank Neglia, a Barberio ally who won the nomination for the second seat.

They now face Democrats Cori Herbig and Judith Hernandez.

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