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Parsippany Councilwomen Janice McCarthy and Emily Peterson. (Photo: Facebook.)

Parsippany Democrats won’t seek re-election

Janice McCarthy, Emily Peterson will not be candidates for 2nd term in 2021

By David Wildstein, December 30 2020 1:14 pm

Janice McCarthy and Emily Peterson were elected in 2017 on a slate that included the election of a Democratic mayor, Michael Soriano.

The relationship with Soriano has become strained, and the mayor’s name was not included in a press release from McCarthy and Peterson.  Soriano has not yet announced his plans for a second term.

“Through our leadership on the Council, Parsippany was admitted to the Highlands Council, an action that will benefit residents for years to come. Another major accomplishment being the stark change in the divisive tone of politics that plagued our Council for years.” said McCarthy.  “I sincerely hope that this model of bipartisan cooperation with respect and consideration for all involved will result in changes to the rest of our local government.”

Peterson acknowledged the first-ever female majority on the council.

She said she was “gratified in all the support and encouragement that our Republican colleagues on the Council gave us.”

“Despite our policy and ideological differences, we lead a productive, thoughtful, and most importantly, respectful, dialogue in solving some of the township’s most pressing issues.” Peterson stated. “We should all be proud in having acted correctly in our role as an independent branch of government and check on the executive branch as we are required to.”

Republican Jamie Barbiero, who was unseated by Soriano in 2017, is considered a possible mayoral candidate.

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