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Tenafly Councilman Daniel Park.

Park takes out Basch in Tenafly

Councilman was accused of racist Facebook posts

By David Wildstein, June 05 2019 3:59 am

Tenafly Councilman Daniel Park won renomination off the line after losing the support of the local Democratic organization.

Park defeated incumbent Maxim Basch by 296 votes, 630 to 334.

Basch’s running mate, newcomer Adam Michaels, was received 697 votes.

Last week, Park called for Basch’s resignation for posting a racist message on the Facebook page of Englewood Cliffs Councilwoman Ellen Park.

Ellen Park posted a picture of herself and others at a Korean American Day celebration in New York City. Under the post, Basch asked “was it good Chinese food?”

“This comment made by Councilman Basch is extremely inappropriate, hurtful and deeply offensive especially for an elected official of a borough with a diverse Asian population and deeply offensive to all residents of Tenafly and Bergen County,” Daniel Park, who is also a Korean immigrant, told the New Jersey Globe last week.   “It has been difficult enough for immigrants to integrate into American society, let alone into politics. Councilman Basch should be ashamed of himself and resign his seat.”

Basch recently also came under fire over an altercation with a Tenafly resident over one of his campaign signs.

The resident had posted a lawn sign bearing the names of Basch and Michaels but taped over Basch’s name.

Basch rang the resident’s doorbell at around 9 p.m. and asked the resident to remove the tape. The resident refused and called the police.

Daniel Park also called for Basch to resign his post as vice chair of the municipal Democratic Committee over the incident.

“Ringing a resident’s doorbell at nine at night is rude enough, but to try and bully someone into taking down a lawn sign is just absurd,” Daniel Park said. “I don’t understand why the Democratic Party defends his actions.”

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