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Opinion: Robert Fisher for Bergen County TAR Chairman

Park Ridge student runs for Teenage Republican (TAR) office

By Robert Fisher, December 05 2019 9:00 am


New Jersey is a beautiful state, with enormous problems. While there are people trying to offer legitimate change to benefit the people of our state, Governor Murphy and Trenton Democrats have blown them off every time. When our State House finally realizes that excessive taxation and ludicrous spending doesn’t work, it will be too late. Some would argue it is already too late; with a broken public pension system and a bloated government in the hole for billions, things seem bleak for our future.

These detrimental factors have posed an interesting choice to our youth. At the moment, they can remain in a state that is increasingly unaffordable, where job opportunities are drying up. However, they also can leave the land of “Liberty and Prosperity” in hopes of locating a place that embodies that motto. Increasingly, they have chosen the latter. New Jersey lost a congressional district in 2013 and may lose another after the 2020 Census. According to the Bergen Record, twice as many people left New Jersey than arrived in 2018. Whether they are moving to New York City, Philadelphia or out of the area completely, the truth is they are leaving the Garden State, in favor of other places.

This is something that is tough for many to accept but lying to ourselves about our situation will not help our cause. If young people like myself want to remain in New Jersey, we will have to fight for it. That is why I am running to be Chairman of the Bergen County Teen-Age-Republicans.

In New Jersey, we have many young people who are politically active. One only needs to read InsiderNJ’s “100 Millennials of the Year” publication, to realize there’s lots of energy from our youth on both sides. I would like to focus my political aspirations and abilities for good – to help young people find a way to stay in our state.

To that end I have already served as intern to both Senator Gerald Cardinale and Assemblyman Robert Auth, in both civic and political campaign roles. Throughout both, being able to help the people of my own 39th Legislative District showed me how important it is to faithfully represent your constituents. I learned so much about the political and lawmaking process. Focusing on media outreach while volunteering on the 2019 campaign was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had to date.

During this campaign, I was appointed to reorganize the Bergen County Teen-Age-Republicans, as they had been inactive since 2017. I welcomed the opportunity, as I believe that it is the duty of all young people to be active in the political process to help forge a bright future here in New Jersey. Since my appointment in September, I have worked closely with our State Chairman, Jake Shoemaker, to revitalize the TARs in Bergen County. We had our state meeting in West New York in October and continued recruiting.

Through this process, we have completely re-established our TAR Chapter in Bergen County. Dozens of patriotic members will be joining us on Saturday December 14th for our Bergen County Convention, to elect the 2020 Board and adopt by-laws. I am asking that all who attend to cast their vote for me, Robert Fisher/ Chair and my running-mate, Juliana Lee/Vice-Chair. Juliana and I have worked hard for the people of our county, and more work is needed. We are headed in the right direction, but we need strong and stable leadership going forward. Juliana and I have the experience needed to administer and build this organization.

Once again, if you are age 13 -18, a resident of Bergen County and want to make a difference in the upcoming election cycle, vote Robert Fisher and Juliana Lee to lead the Bergen County TAR’s. The meeting will be held at the Bergen County Republican Organization headquarters, located at 339 Main Street, Hackensack, New Jersey, December 14th, at 2PM. Entrance is off the parking lot between Berry and Passaic streets. Thank you.

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