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The Monmouth County Court House.

Monmouth probation officer arrested for extorting sex

Attorneys say officer sexually assaulted victim more than 100 times

By Nikita Biryukov, March 13 2019 5:38 pm

A Monmouth County probation officer was arrested last month for repeatedly sexually assaulting a drug court probationer under his supervision over a two-year period, the victim’s attorneys said in a statement.

The victim’s attorney, Jordan Rickards, said probation officer Henry Cirignano extorted sex out of the victim more than 100 times by threatening to tell the court that she had violated the terms of her probation.

Rickards says that Cirignano would “force his victim to perform sexual acts, and would threaten to violate her probation if she refused.”

“Put another way, her choice was to be violated sexually, or be violated criminally,” said Rickards.

Cirignano also demanded pictures of the victim, and sent pictures of himself shirtless, and another of male genitalia, Rickards charged.

The attorneys said Cirignano also lied to a judge, saying the victim could not appear in court for periodic check ups because she had been diagnosed with cancer. She had not.

Criminal charges have already been filed against Cirignano, and the victim’s attorneys said a civil suit will be filed in the coming days.

Cirignano was apprehended because he communicated some of his demands through text messages, the attorneys said.

“Fortunately for our client, Mr. Cirignano was, as mentioned, so impossibly stupid and reckless, that he sent many of his demands by text message, which our client saved,” Rickards said. “He would check her phone to make sure she deleted them, but she saved his messages under a phony name, and he never thought to check there.  Det. Acquaviva and the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office downloaded the messages directly from our client’s phone, including, it is believed, some that were initially deleted.”

Rickards is the founder of conservativeopinion.com.

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