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Final Monmouth County election results

By Nikita Biryukov, November 24 2020 11:36 am


Democratic Councilman Thomas Brennan defeated a Republican and independent challenge to win another term on Belmar’s council.

Brennan won 1,501 votes, running 82 votes ahead of Republican Jodi Kinney.

Independent Gerald Buccafusco won 592 votes.


There’s a split victory in Eatontown, but a pending recount could well change those results.

Democrat Danielle Jones leads the pack with 3,250 votes, but that puts her just 22 votes ahead of Republican Councilman Mark Regan, who won 3,228 votes.

Democratic challenger Mariel Hufnagel had 3,218 ballots cast in her name, putting her just 10 votes behind Regan.

She’s filed for a recount.

Republican James Corcoran’s 3,105 put him in last place.

If the current tallies hold, Republicans’ majority on the council will be reduced to 4-2. If Hufnagel ekes out a win, they’ll be tied 3-3, leaving independent Mayor Anthony Talerico the town’s ultimate decision maker.


Democrats won two seats in Fair Haven, ousting a Republican councilwoman in the process.

Democratic incumbent Christopher Rodriguez ran in first with 2,454 votes. Newcomer Laline Neff got 2,207 votes, putting her 55 votes ahead of Republican Councilwoman Susan Sorensen (2,152).

The win gives Democrats a 4-2 majority on the borough council.


Jo-Anne Olszewski and Donald Melnyk won council seats in Highlands’ non-partisan races.

Olszeewski ran in first with 1,377 votes. Melnyk ran in second with 1,117.

Michael Warren wasn’t far behind Melnyk with 1,067 votes. Vincent DeSantis received 1,041.

Incumbents Rosemary Ryan and Kenneth Braswell did not seek re-election. Councilman Cody Valkos, who was appointed to serve until a special election could be held, was soundly defeated by Kevin Martin for the last year of the term, 1,501-917.


Deputy Mayor Evelyn Malsbury-O’Donnell won re-election, but that may change pending a recount.

Democrat Andre de Garmeaux trails the Republican incumbent 15,415-15,095.

He filed for a recount on Friday. If that ends in his victory, Democrats will hold a 3-2 majority in Howell.


There’s a split victory in Keyport, a fact that’ll end Democrats’ complete control over the town.

Republican Lori Davidson finished n first place with 1,884 votes, while Democrat Kathleen McNamara’s 1,819 votes put her in second place.

McNamara’s running mate, Sophia Lamberson is in last with 1,752 votes. She trails Republican Suleyman Kilic (1,773).


Democratic incumbents Jeffrey Lee and Michael Mangan won re-election in Manasquan.

Lee got 2,484 votes, while Mangan got 2,223.

Republican Patricia Connolly, the only member of her party to run for council there, got 2,176 votes.


Democrats Pamela Renee (1,349) and Glen Kocsis (1,319) beat Republicans Robert Burr (1,304) and Michaela O’Brien (1,262) for two full-year terms, but Burr’s filed for a recount.

Democrat John Pietruni defeated Republican Brian Sullivan by 9 votes, 1,315 to 1,306, in the race for the last year of an unexpired council term, but that race is heade to a recount too.

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