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Final Somerset County election results

By Nikita Biryukov, November 24 2020 12:05 pm


There’s a split-ticket victory in Green Brook.

Democratic challenger Matthew Stanisci’s 2,134 votes put him in first place, just three votes ahead of Republican Township Committeeman James Benscoter (2,131).

Francis Gaffney, the other Republican incumbent, has 2,096 votes, while Democrat Bryyan Murdock had 2,082.

Stanisci’s victory puts an end to Republicans’ complete control over the town of about 7,000.


Democrats scored narrow victories in Raritan, winning two of the three seats up for a vote this year.

Democrats Melissa Harris and Pablo Orozco, the only Democratic incumbent, won 1,819 and 1,874 votes, respectively.

Harris is up only 12 votes over Republican Christine Torres, who does not appear to have filed for a recount.

Republican Kenneth DiGraziano received 1,758 votes.

The race for an unexpired council term ended more favorably for Republicans. Councilman Michael Patente defefated Dianna Bautista 1,835-1,802 in that race.

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