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Final Essex County Election Results

By Nikita Biryukov, November 23 2020 12:38 pm


Voters here chose to send two incumbents back to their seats on the council.

Republican Councilwoman Michele Tolli (2,119) ran in first, while Democratic Councilman Christopher Bardi (2,083) got a close second.

Republican Aristotle Popolizio got 2,000 votes, while Democrat Matthew Biront placed last with just 1,818 votes.


Bill Rutherford ousted incumbent councilman Jerry Guarino to win a seat in West Orange.

Rutherford defeated Guarino 8,953-6757 to win third place.

Councilwoman Michelle Casalino got first with 9,798 votes. Councilwoman Tammy William’s 9,277 votes put her in second.

Guarino, the ousted incumbent, finished fifth. Challenger Monica Perkowski got 8,595 votes.

Susan Scarpa got 6,603 votes, and Brent Scott got 4,884.

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