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Final Bergen County Election Results

By Nikita Biryukov, November 23 2020 11:37 am


Democrats Linda Boniface and Michael Warren narrowly won elections here, but the results could change in a recount filed by Republican challenger Perrin Mosca.

Mosca finished just four votes behind Warren, 1,543-1,539. He filed for a recount Friday. Boniface, the race’s only incumbent, finished first with 1,544 votes. That means her victory is also not completely assured.

Republican challenger Delmer Thomas Grisby got 1,499 votes.


Republican incumbents Joseph Emerson and James Lenoy won re-election to council in Carlstadt.

Emerson (1,654) finished first with Lenoy (1,642) not far behind.

Democrat Jarrett Milligan got 1,546 votes, while running mate Luis Venegas had 1,406.

The victories mean Republicans still have complete control of Carlstadt, a town of just over 6,100. Two more Republican seats will come up for election next year.


Democratic Councilman Christopher Hillman won re-election in Hasbrouck Heights, but Republicans held retiring Councilman Justin DiPisa’s seat.

Hillman finished first with 3,456 votes, but Republican Michael Sickels came in second with 3,392 ballots cast in his name.

Democrat Adam Mucci trailed Sickels by 31 votes, 3,392-3,361. He does not appear to have filed for a recount.

Republican Robert Bing finished last with 3,304 votes.


There’s a split-ticket win in Norwood.

Republican B.J. Kim finished first with 1,697 votes, but Democrat Annie Hausmann is firmly in second with 1,686 votes.

Councilman Pau Haberman, a Republican, ran in third with 1,620 votes, beating only Laura Gurunathan, a Democrat who won 1,585 votes.


Incumbents, one Republican and the other Democratic, won re-election in Paramus.

GOP Councilman Chris DiPiazza ran in first with 7,887 votes, while Democratic Councilwoman Mariaelena Bellinger’s 7,767 votes earned her second place.

Republican Michael Rohdieck got 7,471 votes, running 20 votes ahead of Democrat Dominick Minervini (7,451).

The victories leave control of Paramus’s six-member council at 3-3, but Democrats hold the borough’s mayorship.


Republican challengers flipped two seats in Paramus, ousting the borough’s sitting council president.

William Fenwick ran in first with 2,861 votes. Running mate John Cozzi was close behind with 2,837 votes.

Democratic Council President Michael Mintz got 2,677 votes, while Raymond Mital got 2,530.

The victories bring Democrats’ majority in Park Ridge down to 4-2. They hold the borough’s mayorship.

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