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Final Camden County Election Results

By Nikita Biryukov, November 23 2020 12:14 pm


Democrats won two council seats in Bellmawr, overcoming challenges from two independent candidates.

Councilman James D’Angelo ran in first with 2,851 votes. Running mate Johann Fina scored a narrow 33-vote win over independent Bill Groff, defeating him 2,700-2,667.

Groff does not appear to have filed for a recount.

Sandy Valdez, the other independent, got 2,572 votes.


Republicans ousted a Democratic incumbent to win one council seat here, but a Democratic councilman finished in first place.

Councilman Richard Yeatman got 3,021 votes, while Republican Thomas Giangiulio got 2,999.

That put him just eight votes ahead of challenger David Chiddenton (2,991) and just 19 votes ahead of Democratic Councilwoman Rita Hanna (2,989).


Republican Charles Leps defeated incumbent Ward 1 Councilman Edward Pleczynski, ending Democrats complete control over the town of about 39,000.

Leps got 2,579 votes, while the Democrat got 2,491.

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