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Morris Township Committeeman Peter V. Mancuso, left.

Mancuso picks up two votes in recount

By David Wildstein, November 25 2019 11:51 am

Morris Township Committeeman Peter Mancuso has increased his lead from 13 votes to 15 after a recount of the November 5 general election held today in Morristown.

There are still 42 provisional ballots that were never counted because the envelopes were unsealed when the locked bag was opened one week later.

Several Election Day workers have told the New Jersey Globe that they watched voters lick the envelopes that provisional ballots are placed in.

Cheap glue on the envelopes might be to blame.

“The sealant on the provisional ballots didn’t always stick,” one poll worker said. “I told voters to lick it and press down firmly but sometimes it still didn’t stick.”

It’s not immediately clear if those votes will ever be counted.  That’s up to Democrat Bud Ravitz to decide if he wants to challenge the results in court.

The 82-year-old Mancuso, who won his first local election in 1978, had initially watched his lead drop from 48 votes on election night.

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