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Republican State Committeeman Larry Casha

Casha enters race for Congress against Sherrill

Former Kinnelon councilman is first Republican to challenge freshman congresswoman

By David Wildstein, November 25 2019 12:24 pm

Former Kinnelon Councilman Larry Casha has announced his bid for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th district, sharply criticizing freshman Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-Montclair) for supporting the House Democrats efforts to impeach President Donald Trump.

“Never before has a Congress ignored the Constitution by ignoring due process in these clandestine impeachment proceedings. We should all be afraid of their secret, behind doors proceedings to indict,” said Casha. “Today it is the President, tomorrow it may be one of us.”

Casha, the Republican State Committeeman from Morris County, becomes Sherrill’s first announced opponent.

Trucking company executive Jerry Langer and former Kean administration official Patrick Allocco are also exploring congressional bids.

“The America we know, the America whose base principles of economic freedom, free speech, due process for all Americans including President Trump and a Congress that works together for the people is under attack,” Casha said.  “Never in the history of our country has a mainstream political party such as the Democratic Party openly accepted socialism, a concept that would end the America that permitted our grandparents, parents and ourselves to pursue our American dreams.”

Casha took a shot at Sherrill saying that the district needed a representative would address the SALT deductions and “not someone whose sole purpose in Congress is to promote the national agenda of Speaker Pelosi’s Democratic Party.”

Sherrill has opposed the elimination of the deduction of some property tax payments from the federal income tax, a move that Trump approved over the objections of many Democrats.

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