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Brian Fitzherbert
Brian Fitzherbert

Gloucester GOP leaders back Fitzherbert

By David Wildstein, November 25 2019 9:07 am

The two Republican State Committee members from Gloucester County have endorsed Brian Fitzherbert for Congress in New Jersey’s 2nd district.

Fitzherbert is seeking the Republican nod to take on freshman Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-Dennis).  He has won some key local endorsements in his primary race against David Richter and Robert Patterson, but has struggled to raise money.

“Brian is a tremendous asset to the Republican Party. He is the best candidate in the Congressional Primary because he understands the 2nd District and the issues we face on a daily basis,” said Barbara Cappelli.  “Brian is a constant presence in Gloucester County, and we appreciate the time he has devoted to fighting for the core conservative values that will grow and highlight South Jersey. That is why I’m happy to endorse Brian Fitzherbert for Congress.”

Bill Fey said that Fitzherbert “breathes life into the future of our party with his tireless work ethic and support of the Young Republican organizations in South Jersey.”

“I believe that Brian not only understands all that South Jersey has to offer but is more than capable of fighting to preserve it for all of us,” Fey said.  “We need a Congressman who understands us. Someone who is in touch with our community and is able to bring people together.”

Fitzherbert won the organization line in Gloucester two years ago, but wound up withdrawing from the race after he didn’t get enough signatures on his nominating petitions.

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