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Clinton Mayor Janice Kovach

Kovach has no presidential pick

Clinton mayor: ‘Last thing I want to do is pick a candidate that’s out in two months’

By Nikita Biryukov, February 05 2020 11:16 am

Clinton Mayor Janice Kovach does not have a pick for president ahead of Hunterdon County Democrats’ convention Sunday.

“I don’t yet. For me it’s a little bit too early,” she said. “Last thing I want to do is pick a candidate that’s out in two months.”

Kovach, who is secretary of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee and first vice president of the state’s League of Municipalities, said she isn’t leaning in one direction or another.

The incoming League president said she’d like a moderate candidate with appeal in swing states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that understands the non-coastal portions of the United States.

Electability is also a major factor, she said.

Hunterdon County Democrats are set to hold their 2020 presidential convention this Sunday.

They’ll be the first Democratic organization in New Jersey to officially back a candidate to take on President Donald Trump.

Kovach, who has a vacation scheduled, won’t be in attendance.

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