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Clinton Councilwoman Lisa Intrabartola.

Clinton councilwoman hasn’t made presidential pick

Intrabartola won’t attend Sunday convention

By Nikita Biryukov, February 06 2020 2:10 pm

Clinton Town Councilwoman Lisa Intrabartola hasn’t quite decided who she’ll back at Hunterdon Democrats’ Sunday convention.

“I do, but I’m concerned that that person may not make it to the end,” she said when asked if she had a short list. “I’m just sort of waiting until the end to see what happens. I feel like it’s too soon to call, for me, anyway.”

Hunterdon Democrats will award the party line for president this Sunday.

They’ll be the first New Jersey Democratic organization to make the decision.

Intrabartola said she’d have already decided who to back, but she won’t attend the convention.

“I would have forced myself to come up with something if I knew I was going to be there,” she said. “But I have a conflict, and I can’t make it.”

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