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Jeremy Jedynak

Judge vindicates Jedynak

Rockaway Township councilman wins court fight over removal

By David Wildstein, December 26 2019 3:07 pm

A Superior Court Judge ordered the reinstatement of Rockaway Township Councilman Jeremy Jedynak, who was removed in September when his local government rivals claimed he had missed several meetings.

Jedynak, who served as mayor briefly in 2018, had participated in some meetings by telephone – a practice Judge Stuart Minkowitz said the council permitted for others in the past.

A state appellate court judge had ordered Jedynak return to his seat pending the Minkowitz’s ruling on the matter.

Minkowitz also ordered the township to void a bond ordinance and any other actions taken by the council during the time Jedynak was not permitted to take part in council meetings.

Jedynak’s formal return is a vindication, but will be short lived.  His did not seek re-election this year and his term ends next week.

Jedynak decision 12-24-2019
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