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State Sen. Nicholas Sacco, the mayor of North Bergen

Judge tosses Wainstein suit

By Nikita Biryukov, December 07 2018 6:02 pm

A judge on Friday threw out a suit brought by North Bergen mayoral candidate Harry Wainstein that aimed to stop a $60 million bond referendum.

The plan, pushed by North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco, who is also a state senator, would fund school renovations and allow the city’s Board of Education to buy an area technical school.

“We are thankful that Larry Wainstein’s disgraceful attempt to disenfranchise North Bergen voters and prevent the School Realignment Plan from moving forward was denied today in court,” a Sacco spokesman said. “Wainstein has once again proven himself to be not just a liar, but a hypocrite who has complained for years about overcrowding in schools and is now opposing a plan that would solve that problem. Now it’s up to North Bergen voters to make their voices heard and vote Yes on Tuesday for better school facilities and no increase in school taxes.”

Votes will vote to approve or shut down the Referendum on Tuesday. Wainstein’s suit claimed proper notice had not been given for the ballot measure.

Wainstein charged that because one of the two newspapers that gave notice of the referendum’s was only able to do so two days before the referendum first appeared before the North Bergen’s Commission.

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One thought on “Judge tosses Wainstein suit

  1. Vote “No” until the public has a chance to receive more info and debate this plan with officials instead of stifling the public’s voice.

    Vote “no” until there is a formal agreement whereby the township assures residents that it will pay off the $33 million portion of the bond from town PILOTs and that this commitment will not be dependent on the construction of a power plant in North Bergen (which may not get built.)
    Otherwise, taxpayers will have to pay off the $33 million bond.

    Vote “no” until it is credibly explained how the town’s $1.25 million a year in payments to the BOE will not result in higher town property taxes or in the reduction of services to the public.

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