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Teterboro Councilman John B. Watt

Incumbents run unopposed in tiny Pine Valley and Teterboro

Teterboro mayor beats his son by 1 vote

By David Wildstein, May 09 2018 12:43 am

Incumbents prevailed in two of New Jersey’s smallest municipalities, where candidates ran without opposition.

Pine Valley in Camden County had a population of 10 after the 2010 census, but NJ.com reported that there are 15 voters.  Incumbents Michael Kennedy and Debra Kennedy each won 12 votes.  Newcomer Kendra Clark, who ran for a Commissioner seat vacated by Jane Bromley, received 13 votes.

Pine Valley has just a few houses and revolves around the Pine Valley Country Club.  Michael Kennedy is the mayor and his wife is one of the commissioners.

In Teterboro, which has a population of 67 and has 13 registered voters, re-elected five Borough Councilmembers who all ran unopposed.

The top vote getter was Juan Ramirez, who received 10 votes, followed by Mayor John P. Watt with 9.  The other three incumbents, Christie Emden, Gregory Stein and John B. Watt, each received 8 votes.  Mayor Watt is the father of Councilman Watt.

Emden won a council seat last year after the death of Councilman James O’Dwyer.

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One thought on “Incumbents run unopposed in tiny Pine Valley and Teterboro

  1. Fun fact…Camden County has two country club municipalities. The boroughs of Pine Valley and Tavistock. Tavistock has the smaller voter rolls of only 8 voters. The Census Bureau has been making mistakes with the population of Tavistock by including some housing units of the Tavistock Condominium in neighboring Cherry Hill Township as part of Tavistock Borough, despite the Cooper River clearly dividing the two municipalities. Pine Valley has been hard to pin down because several of its “cottages” are not occupied year round, so those residents get counted elsewhere.

    The other fun little town in Camden County is Aububon Park borough. While it has an official population of 1,102 people, it only has one property tax payer. The Audubon Park Mutual Housing Corporation. It’s residents don’t own their units, they own stock in the corporation and their shares are divided based on the square footage of the units they live in. Along with Roosevelt in Monmouth County, Audubon Park was the only other New Jersey municipality that did not support Governor Kean’s victory in the 1985 election. The two country club towns have always supported the GOP in elections.

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