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Hunterdon County Commissioner took part in pro-Trump protest, but says she never entered U.S. Capitol

Susan Soloway says her group was ‘shocked, outraged, and frankly scared’

By David Wildstein, January 10 2021 8:49 pm

Hunterdon County Commissioner Susan Soloway at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Hunterdon County Commissioner Susan Soloway was among the protestors that gathered in Washington last Wednesday in support of Donald Trump but says she did not enter the U.S. Capitol and that her group left when the saw the gathering grow out of control.

“I joined with several other members of the Hunterdon County Federated Republican Women in attending the rally in support of the President on January 6,” Soloway said.  “Our group was shocked, outraged, and frankly scared, when it became apparent that a group of thugs were using the rally as a pretense to attack the U.S. Capitol.  As those actions unfolded, concerned for our own safety, we quickly left the area.”

Soloway, 59, had initially posted photos of herself at the rally on social media, but quickly removed them as the protest against the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral college victory grew violent and as crowds of people stormed the Capitol complex.

A Facebook page maintained by the Hunterdon County Federated Republican Women includes no mention of the Washington protest.

The county commissioner has turned over photos and videos she took outside the Capitol building to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the New Jersey Globe has learned.  It’s not immediately clear if Soloway has been interviewed by law enforcement.

There are no allegations of wrongdoing by Soloway, although her presence at the event could emerge as an issue in her bid for re-election to a second term this year.

A former Franklin mayor, Soloway won an open seat on the Hunterdon County freeholder board in 2018.  She was named director of the newly-formed Board of Commissioners earlier this month.

Soloway is the treasurer and regional chair of the New Jersey Federation of Republican Women and the treasurer of the Hunterdon group, according to her biography on the Hunterdon County website.

Soloway was part of a group that organized a busload of Hunterdon activists to travel to Washington.

Angelique Scholl, the president of the state Federation of Republican Women, said her group had no formal role in organizing the event.

“It wasn’t organized directly.  It was more of a grassroots effort,” Scholl said.  “We were fully supportive of the efforts.”

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