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Kearny Mayor Alberto Santos, center, with his Town Council running mates, incumbents Marytrine Castro, Richard Konopka, Carol Jean Doyle and Gerald Ficeto. (Photo: Kearny Democrats.)

Santos beats primary challenger in Kearny

By Nikita Biryukov, June 08 2021 9:16 pm

Kearny Mayor Alberto Santos defeated his first primary challenger in more than a decade Tuesday, overcoming a bid from real estate agent Sydney Ferreira to win another term in office.

Santos’ running mates — 1st Ward Councilwoman Marytrine DeCastro, 2nd Ward Councilman Richard Konopka, 3rd Ward Councilwoman Carol Jean Doyle and 4th Ward Councilman Gerald Ficeto — defeated council candidates fielded by Ferreira.

The challenger ran Kristin McBrinn in the city’s 1st Ward, Kristen Grimaldi in its 3rd Ward and Stephanie Galarza in its 4th Ward. They’re campaigned under the slogan “The Change Kearny.”

Alexis Campos, who was Ferreira’s candidate in the 2nd Ward, was knocked off the ballot because she did not meet the one-year residency requirement needed to run for local office in Kearny. She launched a write-in campaign that ultimately proved unsuccessful.

Ferreira focused his bid on property tax reductions in the Hudson County town of about 41,000.

Santos has held his post for 22 years. He and his slate were endorsed by the Hudson County Democratic Committee and ran on the organization’s line.

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