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Former Haledon Councilman Michael Johnson. (Photo: Michael Johnson).

Haledon mayor trails by 13 votes with about 65 ballots still uncounted

By David Wildstein, June 15 2022 5:56 pm

There are still as many as 65 votes left to be counted in Haledon, where challenger Michael Johnson leads four-term Mayor Domenick Stampone in the Democratic primary by 13 votes, 271 to 258.

There are about 45 provisional ballots and approximately 20 vote-by-mail ballots that have not yet been tallied.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that election officials will count each of those votes.

But Stampone might need to win more than 61% of those remaining ballots to win renomination.

The Passaic County Board of Elections hasn’t counted votes since the day after the June 7 primary, but they are expected to resume on Thursday.  This isn’t the fault of the county clerk, Danielle Ireland-Imhof, who has no role in the counting process.

Stampone has been mayor for sixteen years.  Johnson, a former councilman, mounted an off-the-line bid against the incumbent. .

Thirty votes were cast from Haledon during the three days of early voting, and Johnson won that 20 to 10.  Johnson

The Republican nominee will be Kenneth Pentigore, who was the mayor before Stampone unseated him in 2006.

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