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Tim Hoffman

Hackensack race heads to recount

Incumbent trails Labrosse-backed candidate by five votes

By David Wildstein, April 26 2019 6:08 pm

A Hackensack school board member who lost re-election by five votes is seeking a recount.

A slate backed by mayor John Labrosse appears to have swept all three seats in the April 16 Board of Education election, with incumbent Timothy Hoffman finishing fourth in a field of six candidates.

Incumbent Lara Rodriguez was the top vote-getter with 962 votes, followed by Michael Scott James-Vickery with 953 and Ira Goodman with 892.  Hoffman received 887 votes, with his running mates, Yvette Washington Irving and Basim Ahmad, trailing with 866 and 717 votes, respectively.

Hoffman said he hopes the recount “will provide the community with full faith and confidence that every vote cast was properly counted.”

“As we have seen on both a national and local level, it is important for each citizen to have confidence in our elections,” said Hoffman.  “My stake in asking for a recount is first as a citizen of Hackensack and believer that every vote should be properly counted.”

Hoffman had led Goodman by eight votes in Election Day, but Goodman beat him on mail-in ballots, 173 to 160.  Goodman and Hoffman each received eight votes from provisional ballots.

“In comparison to last year, over three times as many paper vote by mail and provisional ballots were cast in this election, all of which were subject to human error and inadvertent mishandling,” said Hoffman.  “Given those facts, and the aforementioned inconsistencies, it is necessary that the results be given another look.

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