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Glynn backs Meisner for mayor

By David Wildstein, April 02 2018 7:49 am

Englewood third ward councilwoman Katharine Glynn has endorsed Phil Meisner for the Democratic mayoral nomination.

“Phil’s commitment to justice and ethics is part of his character” Glynn said. “Englewood is his only agenda. Phil has real experience in civic affairs. It’s not enough to just talk the talk. He has demonstrated his commitment to Englewood by working on some of its most important boards. As a former member of the Mayor’s Financial Advisory Committee, the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment, he is truly cognizant of the issues facing Englewood residents.”

Meisner, a former chief of staff to Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle (D-Englewood) and Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-Englewood), is the Bergen Democratic organization candidate to replace retiring mayor Frank Huttle.  His primary challenger is former mayor Michael Wildes.

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