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Washington Township Mayor Joann Gattinelli.

Gattinelli re-elected. Republicans take two council seats in Washington Township

By Nikita Biryukov, November 12 2020 5:56 pm

Longtime Washington Township Mayor Joann Gattinelli has won re-election, defeating Republican challenger Vincent Spinelli by 2437 votes, 51%-43%.

Independent mayoral candidate Giancarlo D’Orazio received 1,938 votes, about 6% of the total.

Despite the Democratic win up the ticket, Republican Council candidates Anthony Dellapia and Richard Bennet appear poised to win the two seats up for an election this year.

Bennet leads Democrat Joseph Perry by 682 votes, 15,126-14,444. Dellapia has 15,383 votes, while Democrat Raymond Dinovi has 14,307.

Gloucester County’s Board of Elections has counted 175,525 ballots. 171,311 of those votes were cast by mail, and the county has received at least 5,454 provisional ballots, though it’s not clear how many of those were cast in Washington.

That means there are at most 1,240 outstanding provisional ballots, though there’s no guarantee those ballots will be counted, nor is there any reason to expect however many provisional ballots remain will meaningfully change the state of the race in Washington Township.

The Republican wins do nothing to improve Republicans’ standing on the council. Democrats hold a 3-2 majority there, and the body’s only two Republican members, Council President Joseph Sperry and Councilwoman Dana Pasqualone, did not seek re-election,

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