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A secure ballot drop box in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

Final Gloucester County election results

By Nikita Biryukov, November 24 2020 10:05 am


Democratic incumbents took freeholder seats here.

Freeholder Heather Simmons  (88,429) ran in first. Freeholder Jim Jefferson (85,031) fared less well, but his margin is likely more than enough to ensure a win.

Democratic incumbent Lyman Barnes’ 84,317 votes earned him third place — and re-election — but it’s not clear he’ll get to keep either.

Republican challenger Nick DeSilvio has filed for a recount in the county, charging the state’s mostly mail election created errors in the vote tally. His 82,373 votes put him 1,944 votes behind the Democrat. It’s unlikely the recount will change the race’s result.

Republican Chris Konawel got 81,318 votes, while Greenwich Mayor George Shivery got 78,984.


Independent Township Committeewoman Julie DeLaurentis defeated Republican challenger Daniel Ross by 24 votes, but a recount could change that result.

She leads her challenger 3,090-3,066. Democrat Richard Pescatore finished in last place with 2,092 votes.

Unless the recount ends in a Republican win, the results mean independents will continue to hold a majority on the Township Committee in Harrison.


Republican challenger Chelsea Valcourt defeated Monroe Ward 4 Councilman Joe Marino, earning Republicans their first seat on the township’s council.

Valcourt leads Marino by 59 votes, 2,431-2,373, but Democrats soundly won races in the township’s three other wards.

In Ward 3, incumbent Ronald Garbowski defeated Republican Challenger Edgar Ruiz 2,978-2,372. The result in Ward 1, where Democrat Steven McKinney beat Republican Blake Edwards 2,562-2,960, were similar.

Democrats also took the seat in Ward 2. There, Carolann Fox beat Republican Jay Reed 2,402-1,911. Independent Joseph Broderick got 571 votes there.


Democratic Councilman Lawrence Prelle won a narrow re-election victory in National park, defeating Republican Marguerite Silineo 813-784.

Both candidates ran significantly behind Jason Bish, a Democrat who earned 977 votes. Republicans only ran a single candidate in national park.

Democrats there have complete control over the borough’s council.


Democratic incumbents won here, but Republicans could flip one of their council seats in a recount.

While Councilman Adam Mazzola’s 2,920 votes give him a sizeable lead, Councilman Matt Weng leads Republican Christopher Wilson by only 75 votes, 2,779-2,704.

Wilson filed for a recount, saying he believed the state’s mostly mail election caused tallying errors.

Republican Sara Wilson ran in last place with 2,595 votes.

Unless the recount changes the result, Democrats will keep their 4-1 majority in Pitman, but Republicans still hold the mayorship there. They’ll keep that until at leas 2023.


There’s a split victory in Woolwich, but a Republican recount could change that.

Republican Dennis Callahan is in first with 3,738 votes, but Democratic Mayor Vernon Marino placed second with 3,714 votes.

That puts him 83 votes ahead of Republican Jonathan Fein, who filed for a recount in hopes that he could improve his 3,631-vote tally enough to take Marino’s seat.

The recount here matters. Democrat currently hold four of the town’s five Township Committee seats. Callahan’s victory gives them two. If Fein manages to eke out a win, Republicans will have control over Woolwich’s council.

Democrat Marla Deluca Curran ran in last with 3,514 votes.

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