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Frank Holman III

Frank Holman pledges to run more women for office in Ocean County

Possible Gilmore successor says he’ll be ‘more inclusive’

By David Wildstein, April 27 2019 3:05 pm

Frank Holman III says he will be a different kind of county chairman if he wins a special election to replace George Gilmore, who resigned Wednesday after 23 years running New Jersey’s most potent Republican county organization.

“I’ll be more inclusive.  There will be more outreach,” Holman told the New Jersey Globe. “My style will be different.  I’ll be more of a delegator.

Holman praised Gilmore’s track record – Ocean County Republicans have not lost a countywide election since 1989 – and said his heart goes out to his friend, who was convicted last week on three federal tax charges.

Holman comes from a prominent political family and has been involved in Ocean County politics for decades, but this is his first run for any office.

“It’s a call to duty,” Holman said.  “These are very troubling times.  I want to help stabilize the party.”

He says he will push for more women to run for office and will look for a generation shift in a county where government is typically run by older white men.

“We need to elect more women and young people,” Holman told the Globe.  “I want that to be more representative of us.”

Ocean County has elected just two women to the Board of Freeholders since 1850: Hazel Gluck, who served from 1977 to 1980, and Virginia Haines, who took office in 2016.

Holman has the backing of Gilmore and Joseph Buckalew, a former county chairman and a respected elder statesman, several Ocean GOP sources confirmed.

He is expected to face Frank Sadeghi, the head of a politically active Toms River engineering firm, in a special election to fill the remainder of Gilmore’s term.

Acting county chair Barbara Lanuto, who took over three days ago, is required by party by-laws to hold a county committee vote by June 23.

Holman is the president of Holman Frenia Allison, which serves as the independent auditor to a multitude of Ocean County municipalities and government agencies.  He says he will be retiring soon and will have the time to devote to his party responsibilities.

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