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Assemblyman Ned Thompson

Thomson backs Holman for county chair

By Nikita Biryukov, May 06 2019 3:33 pm

Assemblyman Edward Thomson is backing Frank Holman for Ocean County Republican chairman, he said Monday.

“I’ve known Frank for 25 years,” Thomson said. “He’s a very solid, solid leader, and I believe he’d bring a very steady hand to the party.”

Holman, the head of a politically active accounting firm and a political lineage is facing Frank Sadeghi the head of a Toms River engineering firm and an active GOP fundraiser.

Holman’s father, Gen. Frank Holman, was mayor of Jackson Township and chairman of the Republican State Committee.

Previous Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore resigned from the post last month, days after he was convicted of filing false employee tax returns and lying on a bank application.

The Republican power broker initially said he would not resign from the post through his attorney.

The reversal put Vice Chairwoman Barbara Lanuto in charge of New Jersey’s most powerful Republican county organization.

Party bylaws require Lanuto hold a special election to fill Gilmore’s seat on or before June 23.

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