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Andy Boden

Ex-Sheriff endorses successor’s opponent in Sussex GOP primary

Incumbent Mike Strada faces Andy Boden in race for sheriff

By David Wildstein, June 01 2019 2:49 pm

A former Sussex County sheriff is backing an insurgent candidate against a three-term incumbent in the June 4 Republican primary for sheriff.

Robert Untig has endorsed Andrew Boden in his bid to oust Sheriff Michael Strada.

“I would like to see the office led by someone who made the transition from officer to Sheriff, as was my case,” Untig said. During his employment, until my retirement, I found Andy to be an outstanding officer demonstrating exception initiative.  “I know that Andy will do the ‘right thing’ for the citizens and employees which has always been the hallmark of the Sheriff’s office.”

Boden, a lieutenant in the sheriff’s department, was suspended in January.  The suspension came five days after he indicated his desire to challenge Strada in the GOP primary.

Strada’s office eventually referred Boden for psychological testing.  Boden is seeking reinstatement in court.

Untig and Strada have some history.

Strada then a Mount Olive police detective, challenged Untig in the 2007 Republican primary when he was seeking his seventh term as sheriff.

Untig won by a narrow 143-vote margin, 45%-44%, in a three way race.

Untig served as sheriff for 21 years and spent a total of 35 years in the Sussex Sheriff’s Department until retiring in 2010.

He was succeeded by Strada, who defeated Daniel Storey, Jr. by a 44%-38% margin in a four-candidate Republican primary. Storey was a career Sussex Sheriff’s officer.

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3 thoughts on “Ex-Sheriff endorses successor’s opponent in Sussex GOP primary

  1. Mr. Unitg has now tarnished his reputation by endorsing a man not qualified for the job as shown in his answers to questions in the NJ Herald.
    Boden’s entire platform is nothing more than a personal vendetta. Boden is MUCH to comfortable talking about his personal problems in public knowing Strada CANNOT discuss them as it would be a road map to a lawsuit.
    Untig himself has a personal vendetta against Strada for criticizing Untig for “double dipping” ( the practice of collecting a public pension while serving in a public position).

    1. If you had read the history of this, you will see it was only a few days after Boden filed his petition did Strada start the actions against Boden. Strada already started his drive down the road to a lawsuit when he released information contained in a internal affairs investigation,

  2. Did strada bully you to say that? Boden is more that qualified to be the sheriff if anything Strada should do the right thing and resign if anything
    It’s a shame some things in his past never came out to the public !!! He would not be sheriff!!

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