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Dumont Councilman Andrew LaBruno

Dumont Dems pick LaBruno for mayor

GOP incumbent James Kelly has not announced re-election plans

By David Wildstein, March 21 2019 6:08 pm

Dumont Democrats are backing councilman Andrew LaBruno to run for mayor in a Bergen County municipality that is often politically competitive but has trended Democratic in recent years.

LaBruno could find himself in a race against two-term Republican mayor James J. Kelly, although it is not immediately clear whether Kelly is seeking re-election.

Democrats now hold all six borough council seats and are looking take back the mayoralty after eight years.

Kelly was elected in 2011 after Democrat Matthew McHale declined to seek re-election.  He defeated Democrat Eric Abrahamson with 59% of the vote.   He was narrowly re-elected in 2015, outpolling councilman Carl Manna by just 42 votes out of more than 3,150 cast.

“Andrew has the deep knowledge and leadership skills necessary to move Dumont forward,” said Dumont Democratic municipal chairman Rafael Riquelme. “I have known Andrew for years and I cannot think of a better person to lead the borough. Andrew’s experience founding the Dumont Community Group, and now on the Council, makes him a compelling candidate. Andrew sees the potential in Dumont and has a vision to capture it.”

LaBruno, a 37-year-old Jersey City police detective, will run on a ticket with councilwoman Lisa Sabatino Rossillo and Conor Gorman, an aide to Bergen County freeholder Steve Tanelli.

“I believe in the borough of Dumont, our families, and our future — that’s why I am thrilled to announce that I am running for Mayor,” said LaBruno, who runs a non-profit group that organizes local recreation events. “I am a firm believer in giving back to the community, and I have seen firsthand what Dumont can accomplish when residents work together behind a shared goal.”

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One thought on “Dumont Dems pick LaBruno for mayor

  1. (Here is the post written by Andrew La Bruno and put up by Hank Gordon.)
    When was the last time we saw a TAX REDUCTION in Dumont??? At the same time making significant investment in our towns needs. _______________________________________________ This year, the Dumont Council lowered the municipal tax cost by 20% per household, and we did that while:

    ☑️Appropriately funding the Dixon Homestead Library and the Dumont Volunteer Ambulance Corps.
    ☑️ Dumont Volunteer Fire Department will be receiving a new fire truck and necessary equipment to do their jobs safely and effectively.
    ☑️ We will be Purchasing 2 new patrol vehicles for Dumont Police Dept.
    ☑️ We’ve promoted 3 Police Sergeants, 3 Lieutenants, and 1 Captain – last police promotions were in 2013.
    ☑️Last Tuesday, we gave the approval to start the hiring process for 5 New Police Officers and 2 New Dispatchers over the next year.
    ☑️ DPW will be getting a new street sweeper and Delong Ave paving should commence late summer/early fall.

    These are just a few important highlights of what we accomplished with this year’s budget. While we all know that the Borough Hall Complex will be an immense project, it is crucial that we control our spending and maximize our tax dollars to benefit our town the best way possible. Furthermore, I firmly believe that the establishment of our newly formed Economic Development Committee, and the work they will do, will provide the Borough opportunities to stabilize our taxes and begin to give our taxpayers some relief. This is not something that will happen overnight, but we have our sleeves rolled up and are ready to work towards that goal. ________________________ Credit: Andrew LaBruno, Councilman

    (And here Folks, is the truth!!!!!)

    Based on the 2019 Municipal Budget presentation on May 7, 2019, the tax impact on the AVERAGE home for municipal operations and the library was $3,504 for 2019. The ACTUAL tax on the AVERAGE home in 2018 was $3,426 hence an increase of $78. So there is no savings, no less the 20% La Bruno invented.

    The Fire Department will receive a fire truck and new equipment via the Planned Capital Projects for 2019, which have NOT been approved thus far. The $883,500 cost will come from yet another bond ordinance which will significantly add to our taxes. In fact the EXACT figure has NOT been provided to the residency by the Mayor and Council, despite repeated requests.

    The expenditures for the police vehicles and other equipment is $152,000 and HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED YET. Similarly with the Fire department, the finances will come from yet another bond ordinance which will have a tax impact on our residents for TWENTY TO TWENTY FIVE YEARS.

    Promotions of police staff are simply that. While the number of staff remains the same, the cost of operations still increases. With a small police department, the only manner in which our officers make additional dollars is through promotions. This is built in knowledge for most who understand what is occurring in town. Hiring staff and dispatchers comes through attrition and retirement and as such means simply getting new people on board. How is this a significant accomplishment? But then for an angry, arrogant individual like La Bruno, who struts around with his gun on his hip to attempt to intimidate, what would one expect?

    The DPW sweeper will cost $237,000 with the money coming from YET ANOTHER bond ordinance, because we simply don’t have the money to do so, as in ALL the other citations herewith. This tax impact will be felt for the next TWENTY YEARS. Please remember that if your home, as in our case, is assessed at a much higher than average amount, the tax impact is significantly greater. The council STILL has not addressed this issue and its tax impact.

    DeLong Avenue upgrades are ALSO BEING BONDED with a twenty year payout as well. Now remember bonding happens when the municipality doesn’t have the money. If the original suggestion by FARM’D to renovate the existing municipal building at a cost of twelve million we are CURRENTLY at $20,400,000 in which we have already BONDED $19,836,500 and the numbers do not take into account change orders or unexpected problems. Because of the impotence of this group, it is not at all unlikely that the project will cost upwards of $25,000,000. Much of the tax impact of this borrowing has NOT been added to the tax bills and the expected figure for this ALONE will be $225 on the average home for the NEXT TWENTY TO TWETY FIVE YEARS. Earlier, the council bonded for an additional $4,685,500 for the project with again, no knowledge of the impact to our taxes.

    As to the Economics Development Committee, they have met once or twice so it is impossible to draw any long term conclusions regarding what may result from the process. To state that the committee will stabilize our taxes and bring taxpayer relief is positively insane at best. How can he substantiate so outrageous a claim? Oops, forgot, as he is dying to be the Mayor.

    So if one is to give credit to Andrew La Bruno for ANYTHING, it is his absolute adeptness at “Smoke & Mirrors”. Let’s see how he can lie his way out of this one.

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