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Sayreville Mayor-elect Victoria Kilpatrick

Democrats flip Sayreville mayor post by 3 votes

Democrat Victoria Kilpatrick elected after GOP mayor retires

By David Wildstein, November 13 2019 6:50 pm

Democrat Victoria Kilpatrick has won her race for mayor of Sayreville by three votes after final count of provisional and vote-by-mail ballots.

Kilpatrick defeated Republican Arthur Rittenhouse by a vote of 3,629 to 3,626.

She will succeed Mayor Kennedy O’Brien, a Republican who has held the post for 20 years.

It’s not immediately clear if Rittenhouse will seek a recount.

Each party won one council seat.

Democrat Michele Maher, a recreation committee member whose grandmother drove a Sayreville school bus for 32 years, was the top vote-getter in the council race with 3,630 votes.

Republican Donna Roberts finished second, ousting incumbent David McGill by 32 votes, 3,597 to 3,565.  Republican Christian Hibinski finished fourth with 3,435 votes.

Roberts will be the lone Republican on the six-member borough council.

After Kilpatrick takes office, Democrats will need to appoint a replacement to fill her council seat until the 2020 election.

At a screening committee in March, Klipatrick edged out the front-runner, council president Daniel Buchanan, in a vote of the local party organization.

Elections are often close in Sayreville, where Hillary Clinton outpolled Donald Trump by just 281 votes and where Phil Murphy won by 135.  Republicans came within 163 votes of winning a council seat in 2017.

O’Brien, 66, ousted Democrat James Zagata after one term in 1999 by more than 1,800 votes (63%-37%).

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2 thoughts on “Democrats flip Sayreville mayor post by 3 votes

  1. Good morning, I am contacting you in confidence about the news story published on Nov 13 regarding the Sayreville election results. I do not consent to my name or email address to be disclosed in any manner.

    Your news story did not include vital information about about the alleged gross negligence of poll workers at several districts that resulted in a significant number of provisional ballots (41) not getting counted. In a mayoral race decided by three votes it is paramount that these voters be allowed to have their votes counted in some manner. Moreover, the integrity of any election should be if concern to all. The details about the votes per district that were not counted and the reasons why are easily obtainable. I strongly urge you to investigate this and report on it. If happened in one town i can only imagine how many other towns experience similar poll worker “error.” Thank you.

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