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Andrea Sammons

Democratic incumbents win Gloucester freeholder race

By David Wildstein, November 06 2019 1:20 am

Two incumbent Gloucester County freeholders easily won re-election on Tuesday as Democrats maintained their 7-0 control of county government.

Frank DiMarco (30,546) and Dan Christy (29,448) defeated Republican challengers Andrea K. Sammons (23,435) and Diane King (23,414).

Sammons, 23, is the Gloucester County Young Republicans chair.

King lost her third consecutive bid for countywide office in Gloucester.  She was defeated in a 2018 freeholder bid by 13,065 votes, and won 35% against longtime county clerk John Hogan in 2017.

Republicans last won races for the Gloucester County Board of Freeholders in 2010.  Democrats took back both seats in 2013.

The closest municipal race was in Woolwich, where Democrat Michael Nocentino defeated Republican Daniel Battisti by 40 votes, 1,125 to 1,165.

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