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Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise.

DeGise won’t endorse in Jersey City mayor race until there is one

Fulop has not said if he’ll seek a third term

By Nikita Biryukov, September 03 2019 3:22 pm

Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise isn’t ready to endorse Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop for re-election because Fulop has not yet announced a run for a third term.

“I think a guy ought to announce that he’s running for office before he asks anybody for an endorsement, so I’ll throw it back at you: Is he running?” DeGise said

Though Fulop has not announced a bid for a third term of what will soon be New Jersey’s largest city, he’s raising money for the same.

In July, Fulop reported having $949,921 in his campaign account. He raised $256,853 during the second quarter of 2019.

DeGise declined to say if he would endorse the mayor for another term should he choose to run again.

“Hypothetical, not going to go there,” DeGise said. “I don’t know what’s going on. I think that there’s certainly a question of is he going to run. He’s served two terms. It’s a very taxing job. No doubt it’s a tough thing. He’s got a young family, his circumstances are changing, so again, I’m not endorsing anybody that hasn’t said they’re going to run, and I’m also not going to attack him either.”

Fulop fell out of favor with Hudson County Democrats last year after he sided with State Sen. and Union City Mayor Brian Stack in his bid to become Hudson County Democratic Chairman.

Stack lost that race to Amy DeGise, then a member of Jersey City’s Board of Education.

Though Stack and others who sided with him quickly re-entered the fold, Fulop’s rebound was slower, though the two sides eventually made a deal that involved Fulop giving up some of Jersey City’s Democratic Committee seats to the faction led by the county executive.

For now, a relative peace reigns in Hudson County.

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