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Local Dem chair wants DeGise to back Jersey City location

By David Wildstein, June 01 2018 7:14 pm

Jersey City Democratic Organization chair Barbara Stamato wants Amy DeGise support her demand that the Hudson County Democratic Organization host their June 12 reorganization meeting in Jersey City.

“It is my hope that Amy DeGise will publicly stand with me in calling for the upcoming reorganization meeting of the HCDO to be held at a location in Jersey City. As Amy knows, the plurality of Committee Members reside in Jersey City and participation by members should be encouraged,” Stamato said. “As Amy has touted the importance of Jersey City, it is imperative that she shows independence in this matter and ensures that the Committee Members of Jersey City will not be discouraged from attending.”

The DeGise campaign did not immediately respond to a 5:41 PM request for comment.

Union City mayor Brian Stack, DeGise’s opponent in the county chair race, has called for the election to be held in Jersey City.

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